Craftsman Bed

This bed was designed in tribute of the Ash tree. The Ash is struggling as a species from a disease known as Ash dieback. Many of our ash trees are being felled to avoid them becoming dangerous or further spread of the disease.

The result of this is a current abundance of ash wood available from timber suppliers. At lomas furniture our design philosophy has always been guided by whats available from local woodlands, and particulary the misshapen interesting timbers that inspire design. As a common tree in our landscape ash grows in all manor of shapes. The curves used in the craftsman bed are found relatively common in Ash and thus we can repeat this design for as long as we have the timber. We believe this tree needs to be celebrated with the best tools at our disposal which is to turn it into furniture to last generations.

This piece also initiates an idea we have been thinking about for a while.

10% of the cost of this bed will go towards supporting local woodlands.


Dimensions; 'super king' 1.8x2meters

Materials Ash rails, Oak legs

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