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Every tree has a
story to tell

Each piece of Lomas furniture is an homage to the tree it came from. The pieces ask us to take a different perspective, find beauty in the unusual, to see what happens when you go with the grain rather than against it.

Every tree has its own unique story and its life and soul are embodied into the piece furniture it has grown. That story begins a new chapter as it's taken into the home of our customer, cherished and handed down for generations to come.

We know our own story isn't possible without these trees, these wondrous feats of nature. So while honouring each individual tree is important, so is looking after the future of our native woodlands. Where possible we fell, mill and season our own timber. For the times where this isn't the case, we source all our wood from sustainable woodland communities and suppliers. Much of that being incredibly local to our woodshop.

We design and create beautiful bespoke furniture and lighting for our amazing customers.
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