My interest in woodwork was ignited whilst shaping surfboards in the farm workshop at home in North Devon. I loved sculpting surfboards into beautiful and functional pieces of art, but the dust was unpleasant, and the sticky resin became unpopular so i sort out a more natural medium with a wide scope for design and craftsmanship. I spent my childhood adventuring in woodlands around the farm so wood was the natural choice.

Rodney lomas

Rodney lomas

In 2008, I spent a year at the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson New Zealand. And went on to work for 

Growing up on a farm in north Devon, I was attracted to the holistic nature of working with the land. I apply a similar outlook to my work with wood

David Haig making his steam bent rocking chairs as well as some other commissioned pieces. This was a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by a world-renowned furniture designer and gain some valuable experience in making pieces for the global market.

Since then, I have diversified my skills into arboriculture and permaculture, bringing a dynamic and holistic approach to my life. Combining these complimentary crafts has given me a deeper understanding of wood and enriched my design process by allowing nature to lead the way.

In 2013, my wife Emily and I returned to the UK, setting up home and workshop in South Devon. A few years on, I spend my days either working in the trees as a tree surgeon or in the workshop designing and making beautiful handmade furniture. This site showcases  furniture I have made over the years, if you are interested in commissioning one of these pieces or have a bespoke project in mind then please contact me.